Selection Process

Selection Process Overview

  • We receive the completed application and Military Discharge DD-214.
  • We send out a letter to verify receipt of the application and also tell the applicant about our web site to review services offered through the Helping a Hero Wounded Hero Support Program as well as other organizations that may assist them in the interim.
  • We contact the applicant to explain the program and make sure they understand the expectations of the program on the recipient wounded heroes (in particular the $50,000 veteran portion and the 10 yr contract). We also discuss their situation to better understand the overview of their journey. (This will be done on the phone).
  • We set up an in person interview with the Family and try to get 2 Selection Committee members to attend.
  • We evaluate the results and set up a points system(simple) to give priority on the list for our new homes.
  • Then, up to $100,000 in community funds needed per home is received in either a firm pledge or in hand, we publicly award a home.

***During the waiting time, we'll keep in touch with all Families and assist them until we are able to inform them that they have been selected to receive a house or that their application has been denied. Once a veteran is selected, we then work with the family, our builders and developers to put together a package that works for all. In the event a builder/developer combination is unable to be located in the area of the city the selected wounded hero desires to live, the selectee will be given the option to consider alternate areas of the city or we will award the home to another wounded hero.