Randy Peterson


Randy Peterson

Board Member and Building Chairman
Randy Peterson

Randy Peterson is the President of Peterson Homes where he specializes in building custom designed multi-million dollar homes and has a roofing business that focuses on disaster recovery like Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters.

Randy has spearheaded many charity homebuilding projects in the Lexington KY area and welcomed the challenge to assemble the team needed to pull off an ambitious Helping a Hero home for a special wounded warrior whose physical challenges included being a double amputee and completely blind.   Building this home for CPL (Ret) Matt Bradford, USMC (Ret) was the highlight of Randy’s career. At the welcome home ceremony where Lee Greenwood presented the keys to this brave veteran,  Cpl Bradford surprised Randy by presenting him with the actual Marine retirement flag presented to Matt at his retirement ceremony. Col Matt Bradford said to Randy as he presented the flag to him, “You only get one...and Randy I want you to have my retirement flag.  I cannot tell you how grateful we are for this home.”  Randy had tears in his eyes and will treasure this flag for a lifetime.

Motivated by the successful build he led for Cpl Bradford, Randy agreed to join the Board of Directors of Helping a Hero and to serve as the Building Committee Chairman.  He mentors other builders and assists them in securing in kind donations and assists in other issues that arise in the building process.

Some of the special adaptations included an over $50,000 donated landscaping package that uses landscaping options to use sound to guide Cpl Bradford once outside the home.  A water feature off the front porch lets Matt know where the edge of the porch is and keeps him from having a safety fence around his porch that his wife felt would destroy the look of their beautiful home.  Chimes indicate he reached a corner of his home, and a line of special trees creates a unique sound allowing Matt to stay on the safety sidewalk from the back to the front of the home to help Matt get to safety in the event of fire.

Randy is very active in his church and in the Celebrate Recovery Program.  He is married to Jodi and they have 3 children.

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