Mike King


Mike King

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Mike King

Mike King serves as president of Palletized Trucking and is committed to carrying on the King family’s legacy passing on the culture, understanding, and love for the transportation industry to the next generation.

Under the leadership of his parents, Rex and Marillyn King, Palletized Trucking purchased 10 acres on Collingsworth Drive. In 1979, Mike helped supervise the groundbreaking of their new terminal. Since that time, Palletized has evolved into a multi-service company providing a spectrum of services to clients ranging from transportation to storage. The Kings have become leaders in the transportation industry with a passion to provide superior transportation services, a commitment to safety and our loyal customers, and a love for our most important assets, our employees.

Palletized Trucking has specialized in moving large, often challenging, cargo safely to its destination whether in the oil field or across town.  One of the most rewarding moves they were chosen to handle was the transportation of the Space Shuttle Independence to its permanent resting place at Space Center Houston.  It started when a Palletized trailer held the space shuttle Independence in preparation for hoisting it onto the back of the 747. Each of the tiles on the shuttle, which protect it from the extreme temperatures of space travel and reentry, is unique to its placement on the spacecraft and is marked with a number identifying its batch and location.  Moving this special cargo required over 6 months of planning to insure the safe passage of the shuttle without damage to this priceless piece of history.
As the Independence made its way towards Space Center Houston, traffic light lines had to be raised and sometimes removed, power shut off, poles taken down, and a traffic control plan implemented to alleviate issues caused by closing Highway 3.   Once the convoy passed, traffic lines and the like were re-installed to resume regular traffic. Planning the “Big Move” took over six months of coordinating, and everyone from NASA, Palletized Trucking, Space Center Houston, the Department of Transportation, Boeing, Union Pacific, and state troopers were involved.
Mike is committed to our youth and to instilling strong values in the next generation.  Mike serves on the Advisory Board of Kickstart Kids and has been a longtime donor and supporter of character education.  He was honored at the 2017 Heroes among Us Gala with the Gena and Chuck Norris Character Award for his commitment and impact on our inner city youth.  
Mike has also been a key supporter of Helping a Hero for almost a decade.  He co-chaired the 2016 Helping a Hero Gala and looks forward to serving on the Board of Directors where he will be able to have an even greater impact on our wounded warriors.

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