Honorable Adrian Garcia


Honorable Adrian Garcia

Honorable Adrian Garcia, Advisory Board Co-Chair
Adrian Garcia

Commissioner Adrian Garcia was recently elected to the Harris County Commissioner Court. Adrian has nearly 35 years of public service experience that covers a range of law enforcement, governance and legislation of the fourth largest city in America, and as an executive of the third largest Sheriff’s department in the country and the largest in Texas.

The proud son of immigrant parents, Adrian is the only American-born of his family. In spite of growing up in a low income community and not speaking English, his parents provide him the support and role modeling that encouraged him to seek a career in public service. His experience includes developing public policy as a law enforcement officer and city council member, as well as overseeing a major audit of the Houston Police Department’s troubled Crime Lab.

He has been effective in public policy development. Adrian demonstrated his ability during his term on Houston City Council, passing meaningful legislation and earning the opportunity to have two Chairmanships as a freshman council member - Chair of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and Chair of the Minority/Women Business Enterprise Committee.

He developed strong and positive working relationships with various federal agencies that included the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Drug Enforcement Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Customs and Border Patrol, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Mayor Bill White appointed Adrian to oversee two major council committees as freshman council member, this was a unique distinction.

As the Chair of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, he was responsible for setting policy and providing counsel to the Mayor and Council on all public safety and homeland security matters. Adrian worked directly with both the Houston Police Department and Houston Fire Department chiefs on budgetary and operational matters.

Adrian represented the City of Houston during the World Economic Summit, and also represented Mayor White at the “World Conference of Mayors” in Istanbul, Turkey. Invited by the Consulate of Israel, Adrian was asked to represent the City of Houston to learn from Israel’s “Absorption Centers”. The experience was extremely beneficial as Houston and the United States worked to developed best practices on immigration.

In 2009, Adrian was elected overwhelmingly as Sheriff of Harris County, becoming the “most voted” for elected official in the history of Harris County, as well as becoming the first Hispanic to hold the office of Harris County Sheriff. As the Sheriff of nearly 5,000 employees and overseeing an operating budget of nearly $500m, Adrian led, managed and reformed the department with best practices and business approaches which saved over $200m of the taxpayer’s money over the course of his administration. This was made possible in part because of he appointed private sector professionals that assisted Sheriff Garcia in establishing business practices to the public sector organization.

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