SSG (Ret.) Shilo Harris, USA

SSG (Ret.) Shilo Harris, USA
U.S. Army
San Antonio , Texas

SSG (Ret.) Shilo Harris grew up in the small town of Coleman, TX, and learned the value of hard work in his family's bait and tackle shop, car detail shop, and tire service station.

After the witnessing the atrocities of September 11th, Harris felt compelled to contribute to his family's freedom by joining the US Cavalry.  The Harris family also had a great legacy of military service, and Shilo felt prepared to accept the challenges of military life.

His second deployment was to a very dangerous area of southern Baghdad.  On a route commonly known as Metallica, Harris' platoon was conducting a route clearance when his truck was struck by an improvised explosive device. The blast destroyed the vehicle, killing three of his friends and wounding another.

Shilo spent the next fourty-eight days in a coma, and does not remember much until he began burn treatment at Brooke Military Medical Center.  During outpatient burn treatment, he relied heavily on his family to assist him, as he was unable to use his arms or hands. They would spend four to seven hours unwrapping Harris' bandages, bathing him, and redressing his wounds.

After a long journey, Harris is happy to have most of his independence back and says he would serve another tour of duty if the military allowed him. He is the author of "Steel Will" and is working on a movie of his life entitled, "Shilo."