SSG (Ret.) Michael Matthews*, USA

SSG (Ret.) Michael Matthews*, USA
U.S. Army
Katy, Texas

SSG (Ret.) Michael Matthews grew up playing basketball and baseball in Houston, TX before attending Lee College.  Inspired by his family legacy, Matthews joined the US Army in February of 2000.

During his 2003 tour of duty in Iraq, Matthews was manning the weapon on a Humvee.  He was immediately knocked unconsicous moments later when an improvised explosive device exploded by his vehicle. Michael awoke three weeks later in a hospital in Germany and was later sent back to the United States for futher medical care.  The incident left Matthews with a broken jaw, a Traumatic Brain Injury, and post traumatic stress.

Matthews now struggles with scarring, nerve damage limiting his range of motion, and severe migraines.  Michale's wife, Krystle, has served in the Army for several years and currently serves as a Human Resource Specialist.  They live with their two sons in Texas.

* Home Grant Recipient