SSG (Ret.) Kyle Malin, USA

SSG (Ret.) Kyle Malin, USA
U.S. Army
New Braunfels, Texas
Vintage Oaks, A Blue Green Community

SSG (Ret.) Kyle Malin grew up as an avid wrestler in Minnesota, and joined the US Army shortly after high school. 

During his fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan, Malin’s section left to rescue other soldiers who had been hit by an improvised explosive device (IED).  During the rescue effort, Kyle stepped on a pressure-activated IED. He recalls being hurled in the air, flipping twice, and landing on his head.

Malin could see one of his legs a few feet away, and the other held by a piece of his uniform.

Malin lost consciousness in the Medivac helicopter, unaware of his other injuries.  He only remembers waking up in Walter Reed Military Medical Center with his wife, Alicia.   Kyle later transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center for specialized physical and occupational therapy.

Malin remains very active with his two boys, and is an accomplished wheelchair hockey player.  He and his family reside in their specially adapted Helping A Hero home.