SPC (Ret.) Justin Lane, USA

SPC (Ret.) Justin Lane, USA
U.S. Army
Canyon Lake, Texas


SPC (Ret.) Justin "JP" Lane is from the land of the cheese heads (his words), Green Bay, WI. He played point guard on the basketball team and was a member of show choir for a year. Most of his activities were with his church traveling to foreign countries to help build schools, youth groups, and other mission work.

His father served in the Air Force for sixteen years and Justin joined the Army on December 11, 2008, because he wanted the tactical training and experiences. He deployed October 11, 2010 to Afghanistan.

His job was to clear the routes from IEDs. His legs were amputated on the 3rd blast during his deployment, along with the middle finger on his right hand,  and his spine was disconnected from his pelvic bone. He is undergoing treatment at Brooke Army and the Center for the Intrepid. He  had several set backs learning to walk on his prosthetics, and has had countless surgeries.  Today he is walking on his prosthetic legs and touches the heart of many through his testimony and his music.

He is thankful for his parents and the many prayers from his church in Green Bay.  JP moved into his adapted Helping A Hero home in Texas on September 11, 2014.  His Helping A Hero home, designed for his particular needs, includes a music studio for his recently launched music career.