SPC (Ret.) Jonathon Mullen*, USA

SPC (Ret.) Jonathon Mullen*, USA
U.S. Army
Washington, District Of Columbia

* Home Grant Recipient

John grew up in Minnesota before moving to Anchorage, AK in 10th grade where his dad was stationed.  Before graduating his junior year at 17, he was active in football, rifle, golf, and the National Honor Society.  After Airborne and Air Assault School, he and his father were stationed in Fort Drum, NY home of the 10th Mountain Division and a year later they deployed to Afghanistan.

While on patrol on June 10, 2011, his platoon was relieved by 1st Platoon after being at the strong point for 72 hours.  On the way back to the CO, they came into contact and had to break contact.  As they headed down a trail they had never been before, John stepped on a pressure-plated IED and lost both of his legs below the knee and had severe damage to his dominant hand.

He is currently in Washington, DC and is working on medically retiring out of the Army at Walter Reed Medical Center. Along with learning to walk on prosthetics, John is learning how to use his left hand as his dominant hand.  He is, also, attending Boston University Center of Digital Imaging Arts for Professional Photography. 

John is married and has a child. He is enjoying being on tour with The Wounded Warrior Band and inspiring other wounded warriors to consider music therapy.