SPC Max D. Tenorio, USA

SPC Max D. Tenorio, USA
U.S. Army
San Antonio, Texas

Max was born and raised in San Antonio.  He earned his GED and was certified as a Nursing Assistant and in Pharmacy Tech.  He always wanted to be an Infantryman, especially since his grandparents were both in the military.   

On May 8, 2012, Max was working with the Afghan Police to "blow a bridge" when they were led into an ambush.  An IED went off nearby, and when he turned, he saw his friend was hit.  He immediately began working on his friend's wounds, and then carried him to the helicopter.  Max was going back to join the fight when a second explosion was detonated, taking both of his legs.  Max is now a bilateral amputee with limited movement in his left hand, breathing difficulties because of the shrapnel in his lungs, vocal chords burned by fumes, and PTSD. 

Max's mother is currently acting as his caregiver.  His girlfriend Victoria, who was in the Navy, died earlier this year in a car accident. She was always at Max’s side and was a true caregiver and also a veteran.  Max hopes for a new home in San Antonio to provide him the stability he longed for as a child and to overcome and thrive.  And one day he looks forward to getting married and having a family.