SPC Adam Bates, USA

SPC Adam Bates, USA
U.S. Army

Adam was born in Kentucky on June 15, 1985 and raised by his grandparents just outside of Cincinnati, OH. He spent his youth aggressively skating around the streets of his home, always looking for the biggest and scariest handrails to grind down. He attended Fairfield School District up until his grandmother passed away. He left high school to pick up a full time job to help support his grandfather and himself.

After several years of living paycheck to paycheck and not finding any excitement in his life, he started looking for other options; such as attending school, or possibly joining the Armed Forces. He wanted to really challenge himself. He started doing some research and found out about Ranger Battalion. After passing his Special Forces or Ranger Battalion exam, he went through the grueling four-week Ranger Indoctrination Process. He joined the Army in January 2009, and stepped into a plane for the first time in his life to fly to Fort Benning located in Colombus, GA. Three months later he completed Infantry Basic. He deployed to Afghanistan, stationed at Kandhar Army Airfield. Then Thanksgiving came on November 26, 2009, when his life would be changed forever.

While out on a mission, he stepped on a pressure plate, which set off a 50-60 pound I.E.D. and was thrown into the air. He was unable to move or see anything because his night vision was blown off. His team leader walked down the six foot hole and dragged him to cover. Both legs were gone, and he was bleeding massively everywhere. Several tourniquets were placed to stop the bleeding and a helicopter was called to take him back to the hospital. The Special Operations pilots flew him back in record speed, so much in fact they broke the engines. He was out for two days, then flown to Germany for a day, then straight to Walter Reed where he received over 20 surgeries.

Adam is a double amputee above the knees, has a completely crushed pelvis, a colostomy bag, and several skin grafts. He was required to stay in the hospital for three months before being released. Afterwards, he re-entered the hospital four months later to have his colostomy reversed and several surgeries on his limbs. He has just started to wear prosthetics full time starting about a month ago making remarkable progress, and strives to keep his Ranger spirit. He plans to keep looking only at the goals he has set for himself and not the obstacles that people put in front of him. Rangers Lead the Way!

Adam has one son. He looks forward to restarting his career. Adam wants to start his own company and give back to his country in the best way he can, providing compelling technology related jobs for young, highly motivated individuals.