SGT (Ret.) Steve Land, USA

SGT (Ret.) Steve Land, USA
U.S. Army
San Antonio, Texas

Steve, a Native Texan, was born in Midland, but graduated from school in Belton, TX in 2003. While growing up, he was very active, playing football, ice hockey, baseball and soccer.  He attended some college, but his sense of adventure was too great, so he decided to join the Army in April of 2005 to see the world. 

In January 2009, Steve was the only survivor when an IED exploded in his vicinity while serving in Afghanistan.  As a result, Steve is now a bilateral amputee without sight in one of his eyes, and his right index finger was amputated.  He also has a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.  He is grateful for his mother and the support she has consistently provided for him.

Steve has planted roots in San Antonio and plans to attend college to get his degree to become a wildlife biologist so that he can continue to serve his country by doing wildlife management for the federal government.  He is an avid hunter and was able to attend a turkey hunting trip at the Lil Toledo Lodge as a guest of Rex King.