SGT (Ret.) Sergio Trejo, USA

SGT (Ret.) Sergio Trejo, USA
U.S. Army
LaMarque, Texas
Delany Cove Subdivision

SGT (Ret.) Sergio Trejo was born in a small town in Mexico and attended high school in Houston, TX. Trejo reports that he is glad he played football in high school because it gave him some preparation for the Army.

Trejo was inspired to join the military after the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  Sergio later completed to "sniper school," along with several other schools and courses.

On the morning of August 17, 2006, Trejo's his platoon was getting ready to go on a routine combat patrol.  While he and his crew were reminiscing about life back home, three improvised explosive devices detonated no more than 10 feet from the vehicle.

Trejo remained unconscious until he was en route to the nearest hospital.  He recalls begging the nurses and doctors to not cut his clothing because it was his last clean uniform! 

Doctors warned Sergio that he could never walk again.  Fortunately, his paralysis proved to be only temporary and he was sent back to the United States.  Trejo reuinted with his wife, met his baby, and was medically retired from the US Army.

Sergio now copes with PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, chronic migraines, chronic lower lumbar pain, and many other physical and mental injuries that he continues therapy for.  Sergio looks forward to adjusting to his "new normal" with his wife and caregiver, Jessica, and their two children in their specially adapted Helping A Hero home.