SGT (Ret.) Kendra Coleman, USA

SGT (Ret.) Kendra Coleman, USA
U.S. Army

SGT (Ret.) Kendra Coleman was raised in the country and enjoyed playing soccer, basketball, track and martial arts in Jackson, GA.

When she was 19, Coleman joined the Army as a Military Police Paratrooper and was stationed in Bamberg, Germany.  In 2009, she was deployed to Afhganistan to train Afghan police and keep a local village safe.

In May of 2010, she was sent on a dismounted mission to clear a village.  She recalls, “I was hugging a wall to clear a corner, and after I cleared the corner I looked down. That’s when I saw a randomly placed pile of tires. I could fee the evil in the air.”

An improvised explosive device immediately detonated and knocked Kendra to the ground. “I knew I was hit,” she said. “I reached down to my left leg pocket to grab my tourniquet. My pocket wasn’t there, just the remaining pieces of what was my left leg.” She can still remember the hot Afghanistan sun beating down on her and dirt flying from the explosions. Coleman's battle buddies laid on top of her to protect her from the debris. Looking back, she thanks God for giving her teammates the strength and fortitude to save her life that day. She is the proud mother of Skyree.