SGT (Ret.) Derick Hurt, USA

SGT (Ret.) Derick Hurt, USA
U.S. Army
Greenfield, Missouri

Self-proclaimed “Country Boy” Derick grew up as an avid athlete in Greenfield, Missouri.  In addition to spending time on the baseball and football fields, Derick enrolled in a Machine Shop class during his senior year of high school.  The experience spurred him to enter the machining industry after he graduated in 1996.

Derick’s family has a long tradition of military service; he was raised by a single-father who served in Vietnam, and his grandfather is a United States Air Force veteran.  In 2000, Derick decided to enlist in the United States Army along with his uncle.

On the evening of September 13th, 2003, Derick’s unit was on patrol in Mosul, Iraq.  He was driving the rear Humvee when the caravan was ambushed by insurgents with rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s), grenades, and small arms fire.  A grenade was thrown inside Derick’s vehicle and landed between his legs.  In a daze, and unable to steer away from the oncoming truck, he bailed out of the truck and landed face-down on the sidewalk.  In pain and unable to roll over, Derick could not see his injuries and assess the damage.  He later learned that his body had taken 95% of the blow from the grenade. Derick's fellow soldiers eventually found him, put a tourniquet on his leg, and hauled him into a Humvee.

After losing lost both of his legs, Derick worked closely with Dennis Clark to learn how to walk with prosthetic legs.  Derick has since been awarded the Purple Heart, Army Accommodation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal for his service.  Derick, his wife Stefanie and daughter Isabella are excited to move into their fully adapted home in Derick’s hometown. They are looking forward to welcoming the newest addition to their family in June!  

The home, built by Millstone Custom Homes, is wheelchair accessible with wider doors, a roll in shower, roll-under sink, a wrap-a-round porch and other safety features to enable him to remain independent. He loves serving The Lord and his community and currently serves on several committees for at church and works for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. He and his wife have 2 children.