SGT Harrison Manyoma*, USA

SGT Harrison Manyoma*, USA
U.S. Army
Houston, Texas

Harrison is from right here in Houston.  At South Houston High School he ran varsity track, played soccer, and was in the choir.  He joined the Army in 1999 to provide a better life for his son, as well as to get the opportunity to go to college. 

On July 2, 2004, Harrison was on routine patrol, driving Route Cardinal in West Baghdad.  Their vehicle was right next to a suicide car bomber as it exploded, but thankfully no one was killed.  As the smoke cleared, Harrison heard the enemy begin to fire their AK-47's, so he sprung into action, providing first aid to his medic and than firing over 2000 rounds from his own weapon to hold off the enemy.  As a result of the initial bomb, Harrison suffered from 3rd degree burns to his right hand, fingers, arm and forearm, a ruptured ear drum, blurred vision, and memory loss.  He still has a lot of skin irritation from the skin grafts on his right side, which limits the amount of time he can spend outside and limits how much sun he is able to take in, and some short term memory loss.

Harrison plans to remain in the Houston area with his two teenage kids; Alexander and Kylee. Harrison and his children are active in their church and recently launched a ministry: Equip The Body: 4 Christ Ministries that stems to help empower all men, women, and youth to build up their lives through the Word of God, Praise & Worship, song, and physical fitness. Harrison remains active in Houston and surrounding areas in helping Veterans and their families recover from the struggles endured from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Harrison gives thanks to God for sparing his life and giving him an opportunity to give back to his country. 

*Home Grant Recipient