MAJ (Ret.) Will Lyles, USA

MAJ (Ret.) Will Lyles, USA
U.S. Army
The Woodlands, Texas

MAJ (Ret.) Will Lyles grew up in Hampton, VA, where he played baseball and earned a scholarship to the Virginia Military Institute. He graduated with a degree in Psychology, and minored in Philosophy and Leadership Studies. After working for Flight International, Lyles graduated from Army Officer Candidate School in December 2003.

On his third and final deployment in 2010, Lyles served in Afghanistan as an Operational Detachment Alpha Team Leader. In August of that year, he stepped on a pressure plate Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a fire fight. The IED blast took both of Will’s legs and left him with burns, shrapnel wounds, and several other injuries. 

When Will arrived at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), he was on a ventilator and spent six weeks in Intensive Care. After battling infection, sepsis, and losing six more inches of his upper leg, Lyles was finally able to go home in November.  Lyles has been awarded three Bronze Stars, one Purple Heart, and numerous other medals.

Lyles has four children and is looking forward to beginning the next chapter of his life with his wife, Sophia.