LCpl (Ret.) Ron Sullivan, USMC

LCpl (Ret.) Ron Sullivan, USMC
U.S. Marine Corps
Schertz, Texas


Ron grew up in Corpus Christi, TX. He won State in track his senior year and participated in varsity baseball and basketball throughout high school. He always wanted to join the military since both his great grandfather and grandfather were Marines.

Ron joined the Marines in November 2008 and arrived at his duty station in April 2009. He deployed to Afghanistan in April 2010 and served with I Company 37/7 out of 29 Palms, CA, where he was injured the morning of August 23, 2010, while on a security patrol.

He was taken to Bastion in Afghanistan for four days before he was transferred to Germany, then onto Bethesda, Naval Hospital. After three weeks of surgeries and treatment in Maryland, he transferred to Brooke Army Medical Center for his physical therapy. He received his C-legs after a year at BAMC and is still working to get more motion back in his right hand.

Ron’s injuries include having both legs amputated above the knee, a rod and plate in his left femoral head, and limb salvage on his right hand due to multiple fractures. He has several close family members in the San Antonio area to help with his recovery needs, including his motherr and grandparents. 

Ron is focused on getting up and walking as well as he can and finishing college. His Helping A Hero house is in Texas.