CPT (Ret.) Juan J. Guerrero, USA

CPT (Ret.) Juan J. Guerrero, USA
U.S. Army
San Antonio, Texas

Juan was born and raised in Lima, Peru, but immigrated to the United States when he was fifteen years old.  He served in the Marines from August 23, 1988-August 22, 1992.  In November 1993, he enlisted in the Army.  Juan's unit spearheaded the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, returning in July 2003. 

In September of 2006, he deployed as Support Platoon leader for HHC 425 BSTB.  During that tour, his vehicle was struck by IEDs three different times, though he was not injured in any of those blasts.  On July 26, 2007, his vehicle was struck by a 7-array explosively formed penetrator (EFP).  He was the only one injured.  Juan and the medic rushed to put tourniquets on both of his legs.  As a result of the blast, Juan is now a single amputee with neuropathy and limb salvage of the left leg.  He also suffers from PTSD. 

Since his accident, Juan has worked to learn new sports to stay active, including sled hockey, ice climbing, rowing, and cycling.  Juan is surrounded by a loving family, including his wife Shannon and four children:  Katherine, Mark, Vivian & Denali.  Shannon was formerly a Texas Peace Officer, but has quit to care for Juan.  They hope to make their home in Texas and continue to build their family.