CPT (Ret.) Breg Allan Hughes*, USA

CPT (Ret.) Breg Allan Hughes*, USA
U.S. Army
Barrington, Illinois

* Home Grant Recipient

Breg has always been a leader.  Growing up in Sonora, TX, he played football and baseball, and served as a captain on both teams. In school he also worked part-time changing tires and operated his own lawn service business. In college, he joined ROTC and commissioned into the Army as an Infantry officer. He graduated the Army’s Airborne, Ranger and Mechanized Leader’s Courses prior to his first assignment in Germany. Breg's served as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Germany and later as a Special Forces Team Leader assigned to 1st Special Forces Group in Okinawa, Japan.  His brother is also in the Army and currently serves as a Special Forces Team Leader at Fort Bragg, NC.

Breg served three combat deployments, 2 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan totaling more than 31 months deployed. His first combat deployment was to Al Anbar Province, Iraq in January of 2006, during which time he received his first Purple Heart during a mortar attack. He returned from that deployment in February of 2007, and was again deployed to Iraq April of 2008 until May 2009, this time to Sadr City, Baghdad. His last deployment was to Afghanistan in January of 2012. 

On May 29, 2012, Breg's vehicle was hit by an IED, which killed one and wounded five.  The blast destroyed the vehicle and sprayed all of the occupants with an accelerant.  The vehicle caught fire instantly.  Breg was inside at the time, and while he and his team eventually stopped the fire, he sustained 3rd degree burns over 45% of his body, and received severe inhalation injuries.  After 10 skin grafts and another six operations, Breg is preparing to transition out of the military. 

Breg is married and has two children.  The youngest was born just two weeks after his injury, meaning his wife, Allison, had to wait nearly a month before she could see him.  Breg's wife is his caregiver and best friend, and was herself a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot for eight years in the Army.  She is caring for him and their two children (ages three and one) while attending school full-time to earn her MBA from UNC Chapel Hill.  Breg plans to go back to school for his MBA in Chicago and eventually plans to work in operations, consulting or finance.