Cpl (Ret.) Joshua Himan*, USA

Cpl (Ret.) Joshua Himan*, USA
U.S. Marine Corps
Woodbridge, Virginia

Cpl (Ret.) Joshua Himan grew up as an avid athlete in Dale City, VA.  While attending Radford University, he studied finance and founded a business fraternity.

After working in the corporate world, Himan felt a calling to join the military.  He says "I had such a respect for those who were fighting.  I wanted to fight on the front line, so I joined the infantry."  Josh was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 with the biggest helicopter assault since Vietnam.

In September of that year, Himan's Humvee hit a roadside bomb.  He recalls being immediately ejected from the vehicle, and sustaining multiple spinal cord injuries. 

He has been overwhelmed by the love and support of his family through his rehabilitation.  He now lives in a house renovated for his special needs, and looks forward to perusing a master's degree in finance.



* Home Grant Recipient