Cpl (Ret.) Josh Yarbrough, USMC

Cpl (Ret.) Josh Yarbrough, USMC
U.S. Marine Corps
Port Neches, Texas

Josh Yarbrough grew up in Port Arthur, TX and graduated from Memorial High School in 2004.  Following in his grandfathers’ footsteps, Josh joined the US Marines and left for boot camp just a week after graduating. (June 6, 2004)

After SOI training, Josh was put with the 1st Battalion 5th Marines on Camp Pendleton. In Nov 2004, Josh married his High School sweetheart, Rachael.  A few months later (March 2005) he left for his first deployment for 7 months in Ramadi, Iraq.  In July of 2006, he left for his second deployment on the 31st May.  They were in Okinawa for most of the 6 month deployment, but also went to the Philippines, where they trained with the Marines.

During the deployment, Josh’s first son Sean was born.  After that deployment, Josh reenlisted and was sent to Edson Range where he was a combat marksmanship trainer for 3 years.  In April of 2010 Josh was transferred back to 1/5 and started training for another deployment.

March 23, 2011 Josh left for Afghanistan and on June 15th while on a patrol, one of the Marines in his squad stepped on an IED.  After pulling him out of the canal and putting tourniquets on him, Josh went to help another wounded Marine when he stepped on an IED losing both legs below the knee and his right index finger.

He was flown to Germany 2 days later and spent 5 days there.  June 21, 2011 Josh was flown to Bethesda Maryland where his wife, mother and uncle met up with him.  Josh spent a little over 2 months there going through numerous surgeries. Finally on August 6th he was cleared to be flown to San Antonio TX to begin his rehab. 

August 11th Josh was released from the hospital and started his rehab the next day at The Center for Intrepid (CFI). There, Josh spent hours and hours learning how to walk, pick up things, and just everyday normal things.  In July 2012 lots of good things happened when he was released from all therapies.  He had met all his requirements and Josh’s second son was born.  Now Josh is waiting to medically retire and plans on going to work with his uncle.

His wife Rachel spends her days taking care of Josh and they are looking forward to making their home in Port Neches, TX. They have 2 sons. Josh enjoys golf and baseball.