CPL (Ret.) Jay Briseno, USAR

CPL (Ret.) Jay Briseno, USAR
U.S. Army
Manassas, Virginia

CPL Jay Briseno pacticipated in track & field and football while growing up in Manassas Park, VA. The Briseno family is steeped in a tradition of military service, so it is no surpise that Jay elected to join the US Army Reserves as a means to fund his college education. During his first year at George Mason University, he was called up to active duty and deployed to Iraq.

Briseno’s primary duties in Iraq included delivering food, water, and goods to the Iraqi citizens. In late June of 2003, Jay’s spine was severed by a bullet to his neck.  He suffered two cardiac arrests, resulting in a brain injury and blindness.  Briseno is now paralyzed from the neck down, speechless, and dependent on a ventilator. Jay must recieve his food, medications, and water through a feeding tube.

After eight years, Jay requires 24-hour care but he has progressed more than doctors ever thought possible. When Briseno returned home in December of 2003, his family transformed their formal dining room into an Intensive Care Unit.  He and his family now live in their Helping A Hero home, complete with tools and adaptations for Jay to be as comfortable as possible. The home includes a life system, 2 master bedroom, and a screened in porch.