Cpl (Ret.) Eusebio Collazo, USMC

Cpl (Ret.) Eusebio Collazo, USMC
U.S. Marine Corps
Humble, Texas
Eagle Springs Community


Cpl (Ret.) Eusebio Collazo grew up in Houston, TX. Service runs in the Collazo family, as Eusebio's father not only served in the Coast Guard, but was also a fire fighter with the Houston Fire Department.

Moved by the tragedies of September 11th, Eusabio joined the US Marine Corps on November of 2001. He served two tours of duty in Iraq, and was injured just one week before the conclusion of his second deployment.  In January of 2005, Eusebio woke with a start to find himself and four other Marines being struck by mortar shrapnelThe attack left him with a right cerebral concussion, open wound to his right hand, post-traumatic stress, and a wounded leg along with damage to his lungs, ribs, liver, and gallbladder. After recieving medical treatment in Maryland and Texas, Eusebio still contends with memory challenges and undergoes treatment leg pain.

At the time of his injury, Eusebio's then-girlfriend, Karla, put her life on hold to be by his side. She made arrangements to travel with his family and be with him in the hospital. She has supported and inspired Eusebio throughout his rehabilitation journey.  They are now married with two children and reside in their specially adapted Helping A Hero home in Texas.